With +15 years experience in the ICT industry that you can rely on and the dedication to bring the tick back to your IT tasks. I don’t just develop but  personalise all the services to each client’s exact needs, budget and requirements. Giving support & guidance along every step or just as you need.


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A range of devices & operating systems supported. From Mobile Devices, Windows, Apple, Linux + including Assistive technology.


  • On-site Service (Home, Small to Medium Business)
  • Mobile (Laptops, Phones & Tablets) & System Repairs (Desktops & Server)
  • Cloud Services (Administration, Setup and Configurations)
  • Network Set-ups and Maintenance (LAN, Wireless Setup)
  • Remotes Support / Services (VPN Set Ups, Remote Emergency Assistance)
  • Office & Home Security implementation. (Virus Protection & upgrades, Spyware install, PC Security & User management & Office monitoring implementation & restrictions)
  • Virus & Spyware Removal.
  • Hardware repairs and upgrades.
  • Software Support.
  • IT Consultancy (Giving you a full support, assessments and quotes to start a any business)
  • HELPDESK/ IT Support / Outsourcing. (Providing small offices with an IT Support team 24/7)
  • VIOP Set-up & Configuration
  • Mobile Phones Support.
  • Apple Support. (iPad, iPhone & MAC)
  • E-mail Set-up & support.
  • Internet Set-up, security and monitoring.
  • Computer & Hardware Installations (printers, faxes, modems)
  • Technical Support (Software, Hardware, PC Issues)
  • System Backup and Network / cloud backups.
  • Hard drive or USB Data Restore Services.
  • Server builds, Maintenance and Troubleshooting.(Active directory, Virus Removal, Scheduled Backups, Linux & windows)
  • NAS (Network Storage Device) Builds and implementation.
  • System Builds (MAC, Windows & Linux)
  • Print Design including Technical & User Manuals. (multimedia CDRoms, DVD’s & Documents)
  • Technical Writers (Specialising in IT Policy, Procedure & Compliance)
  • Firewall & VPN Setup.
  • Printer Setup & Installs.
  • Internet /  Modem / Network Setup (WAN, Wireless + LAN)
  • ICT Audits, Assessments and Evaluations.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • System clean-ups and Health Checks.
  • Fully Managed Services. (Your own IT Administrator without the cost, providing IT support  and Monitoring)
  • System Driver updates or roll backs.
  • Virtualisation Administration, P2V Conversions.& Migrations. (Hyper V, Vmware + VirtualBox + Cirtix ZenServer )
  • HDD Imaging & Ghosting.
  • Cloud Services (Monitoring, Support, Setup and Configuration)

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