Data Recovery

If you accidentally deleted an important file, STOP USING THE COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY!
Turn off the computer and contact us as soon as possible. Further use of your computer will diminish your chance of recovering any files at all


There is nothing worse, than the sinking feeling that you might have deleted something important by accident. Or discovering that some file is missing – deleted by a virus or hard drive failure. I have the expertise to recover data from practically anything! However, there is no guarantee that I can recover your data as the medium may be too damaged. Depending on the type of damage and how much data has to be recovered the price of recovery varies. Prices start from $35 per hour.

Data Recovery is available from various media drives & devices including

  • USB Drives
  • Slim Portable/ Laptop Hard Drive 2.5.
  • Hard Drive 3.5.
  • Server & NAS RAID (Recoveries and Rebuilds),
  • MAC formatted Drives.
  • Solid State Drives.


  • Complete Assessment of damage with a quote.
  • Full backup of Drive.
  • Mirror Image of drive to another drive for recovery. (Orginal Disks are not used for data recovery, the drive is only touched whilst an image and backup are completed¬† and/or if the device / drive requires a new board or replacement part to get working.)
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